Associate Degree in Business


The business world is known for offering some of the best career opportunities. It offers some of the most exciting career options, one could ever imagine. However, getting your foot in the door of any business for a job isn’t that easy. A mere high school diploma would not be sufficient to land a job. Businesses are looking for people who hold a good educational qualification and have sufficient training to handle the operations. If you would like to pursue a career in business, then the associate degree in business would be the right program for you. The duration of the course being as short as two years, can help you land an entry level job in the business world, as soon as you successfully complete the program. The program equips candidates with the basic skills required to manage business.

Associate Degree in Business

The associate degree in business is offered by many community colleges and universities. The name of the program may vary depending on the college you would like to go to. It may be called as associate degree in business administration or business management. In certain schools, it may be offered as an associate degree in applied science with a specialisation in business. In some schools, you may also have the opportunity to pick a concentration like human resources, marketing, finance, retail management, etc. The course curriculum covers a wide variety of subjects that are very crucial to understand how a business functions. As part of the communication skills training, the candidates may also have to undertake certain liberal arts courses as well. The subjects that you may come across while pursuing this course are economics, business theories and laws, accounting, retail practices, business communication, business ethics, mathematics and statistics, management principles, etc.

The prerequisite for associate degree in business is quite similar to any other degree. In most cases, they would only require you to have a high school diploma or its equivalent to get admission to the course. The courses are offered by many community colleges and you may be able to find a college offering this program in a nearby college as well.

The program would help you get entry level jobs in the business world. Although most businesses may prefer hiring a candidate who has a bachelor’s degree, you may still be able to land a job, if you can prove your competence. You can find jobs like insurance policy processing clerk, audit clerk, assistant manager, bank teller, etc. Post successful completion of associate degree in business, if you wish to study further, there are good options for you as well. You can pursue your bachelor’s and post which you may also pursue a master’s degree. The bachelor’s degree would provide you an in-depth understanding and you can gain practical experience by doing internships, which are an integral part of any bachelor’s program. You may also be able to get jobs in higher level management positions companies as well.


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