Associate Degree in Communications


A job in the field of media can be quite exciting, but also at the same time can be quite demanding. Getting a job in the field of media is not very easy, and most of the media firms are looking to hire candidates that are highly talented and skilled for the job. A good educational qualification is highly necessary, if you would like to get a job in media. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree can be quite time consuming (the program is for four years), especially if you are looking to get a job immediately. Tuition for pursuing a program in media is also high. However, there are many community colleges and universities that offer associate degrees and one of the best programs is an associate degree in communications. The course is usually for two years, like any other associate degree, and trains the candidates to excel in media and writing fields.

Associate Degree in Communications

As part of the program, you would learn how to compare and contrast various media forms, and evaluate how the impacts it has on the society and culture. Associate degree in communications is wider field of study that would hone both your writing and speaking skills that are highly required for a job in media. You would cover areas like journalism, mass communication, film and digital media. You may also have an opportunity to specialise in the area of your choice, in certain colleges. You would learn to present information to audiences, effectively on different media platforms. Even corporate require candidates who pursue communication degrees for blogging, content writing, social media marketing, marketing communications, etc.

Like every other associate degree, to get admission to associate degree in communications, you would require a high school diploma or its equivalent. It would also help if you can prove that you have done work relating to the field of media like writing and blogging in your school. You may also require letters of recommendation in certain cases.

The coursework for this program would cover subjects relating to traditional media like newspapers, magazines, radio and television and also digital media. Some of the courses that may be covered under the program are introduction to mass communications, public relations, writing for media, interpersonal communication, digital media, advertising, etc.

On completion of the associate degree in communications, you may be able to find jobs at the entry level in media firms, like bloggers, social media consultant, reporter, editor, journalist, etc. Some of the most exciting media careers would be open to you. You would have to compete with those who hold bachelor’s degrees, but if you can prove your competence you can get a job easily. You can also pursue a bachelor’s degree if you want, post completion. Certain universities may allow you to transfer credits to your bachelor’s degree, so that you would not have to take all the subjects and it would also help in reducing the duration of the program.


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