Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene


Dental hygienists are quite essentially, assistants to regular dentists, and help them work more efficiently by taking care of the more routine work that may arise in the clinic. Becoming one doesn’t require a huge amount of effort, and an associate degree in dental hygiene is normally enough to set you on the right path in order to accomplish that. A total of two years of coursework, coupled with the right amount of practical experience opens the doors of entry-level positions, from which point onwards, the rest is entirely up to you.

Associate Degree In Dental Hygiene

The subjects taught are rather extensive, and cover a number of different subjects in the fields of health, science as well as communication. This includes those of oral hygiene, which obviously requires the most attention, followed by things like nutrition, periodontology, oral radiology, and whatever other electives you might choose to take up whilst getting an associate degree in dental hygiene. You generally just require about 60 credits in order to complete the course, which is a much smaller number than what you might normally expect from a regular bachelor’s degree that effectively opens up the very same opportunities in a similar field.

While dental work is often looked down upon as not being a true medical profession, and is often ridiculed for the same, its importance cannot be ignored. The demand for it is increasing by the day, partly due to the increasing dependency of the new generation on junk food. Whatever be the reason, it is a good time to pursue an associate degree in dental hygiene, and the requirements for getting admission in one is rather low. A GPA of about 2.0 is enough to warrant admission, and this means that even people who perform badly on their SAT’s have a shot at developing a career for themselves in this particular field.

The salary outlook as well as possible jobs are quite varied, which means that you do indeed have a choice in what might first seem like a rather limited field. You can choose to work anywhere, from private clinics, hospitals, public services as well as have your own clinic as well. The possible starting salary averages an amount of 60,000 dollars a year, whilst established professionals in the field with an associate degree in dental hygiene have been known to make more than 100,000 dollars a year.

Bearing all of this in mind, the positives of opting to try for an associate degree in dental hygiene cannot be ignored by any means. The entire realm is wide open for anybody who wants to give it a shot, and in order to make a good career, this degree is as good as any to set you up. After that, the rest of the effort to be put in lies with you, and how you choose to go about it depends entirely on your comfort level and the work that you are ready to commit to the possibility of a great salary and job outlook.


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