Associate Degree in Fire Science


Getting an Associate Degree in Fire Science will help you in preparing to work as a fire-fighter, though there are other jobs available as well. You can take up fire science majors after receiving this degree to help receive the education and training, which you would be needed to advance the career choice made by you, in this field. An associate degree gives you the foundation to help become a professional at the earliest and take an entry –level job. Fire-fighting is a not a job to be trifled with. It involves lives. Hence you become responsible for someone else’s life and your skills and decisions can save someone. It not only requires education, but a lot of training as well. During the course of this degree you will get all the information imparted to you by the best of faculties.

Associate Degree In Fire Science

The Associate Degree in Fire Science is basically a two year course with a four semester structure. It is offered by colleges and universities, with a combination of campus and even online studies. The curriculum is career focused and you get training at fire academies too, as it’s not only about classroom studies. They make sure that you understand the seriousness involved in choosing this career. The curriculum and degree requirement may differ, depending upon the course structure of an institution, but most of these courses include one-third of general education, one third elective studies and lastly major field courses. There will of course be a formal training before the recruitment process.

This Associate Degree in Fire Science will provide a well-rounded background introduction to studies of the different aspect of fire science, like fire suppression, fire engineering, fire prevention, arson investigation, code inspection, and departmental leadership.  Many of the organizations that employ services of such professionals make sure that they complete a post-secondary training before entering the hiring process. So this degree is perfect for students to increase their knowledge base before applying for any such job in the fire service organization, where the recruitment process is not only quite stringent but also highly competitive. The degree satisfies the basic application requirement for the role they would be applying for.

Most importantly an Associate Degree in Fire Science can be your stepping stone to the world of advanced educational programs and degrees in the field of fire science. It helps in related fields to like teaching, consulting and departmental management. The US labour laws and statistics have given a few pointers which should be followed to become a fire fighter, like they must earn an Emergency medical technician certification and complete at least a post secondary program. To be a paramedic an associate degree is a must to enter in this profession. You can complete your bachelor’s degree by merging your associate degree with it as well.


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