Associate Degree in General Studies


An Associate Degree in General Studies is right for students who cannot afford the time or money to get a bachelor’s degree. This two year degree in the long run will have a high return on the money invested in your education, and will prove to be a better option. You can earn nothing else less than $51000 to start with, once you acquire this degree. General studies makes for an interesting choice as it allows students to choose the course which will help them in reaching their goals, also while fulfilling the course requirement. In two years the institution will help you build a foundation on which you can base your career. The criteria for admission may vary between different institutions.

Associate Degree In General Studies

For an Associate Degree in General Studies , you might be asked to provide a high school diploma or GED certificate.  We suggest, students who are still undecided about their career path, that they would like to pursue in the future, this would make for an excellent choice. This degree program actually help students to get a degree, which can help get an employment. The onus to take up further education when you have finally decided or chalked your career path, lies on you, and you need to be dedicated towards you goal to achieve it. You can take up the bachelor’s degree on completion of this program and you would only have to complete another two or maybe one year to receive the bachelor’s degree.

An Associate Degree in General Studies applicant might or might not be required to submit a high school diploma or the equivalent for admission purpose. You might also be asked to give placement exams so that you can prove your relevant skills, and necessary remedial classes can be taken by those who don’t qualify to bypass them. The student will be able to build a broad based education. Critical thinking, synthesizing knowledge, and communicating well are the many skills you develop through the various disciplines.  Though course study might differ, but for your reference you can choose a sample course topic, which mostly includes, English composition, college algebra, foreign language, biology, U.S. history, communication, Lab science and sociology!

It is often seen that many students who earn the Associate Degree in General Studies, end up doing a bachelor’s degree. You can also take up a job either as an assistant, office manager, sales associate, receptionist, and customer service. Salaries also vary, depending upon the job you will be taking, but you can be rest assured that there are many options for you. You can also take up further studies, or other vocational training or internship which will help you in making your career more successful and help you reach the position in your career that you have dreamt off.


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